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Omg. OMG, I was just logging out, but I had to comment, because YOUR ICON RULES THE WORLD. (Oh, and thank you for the review! =D)

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Sorry this review so sparatic. I am sleepy and can't really focus now.

He's definitely an equal opportunity slut! Glad Bones is working for you, thanks for your review!

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Glad to hear it! I couldn't think of any way to further the plot without just taking the time to do it, so here it is lol.

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He is a little slow to pick it up - I've noticed that the tendency recently seems to be to have him jump right to correct conclusion, but I'm coming at it from a different side. Kinda like, a human who has no understanding of telepathic contact might take a day or two to realize that what he's experiencing is telepathic vertigo.

Still, he IS slow about it! I blame it on his tendency to ignore his own hurts in favor of his ship!

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Just put one up! Hope you like!

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You hit the nail right on the head there, something you will see more explicitly in chapter three, which is now up! Hope it lives up to your expectations!

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Many thanks! =D I hope they continue to stay IC!

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Thank you for commenting! Peace and long life!

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Well funny you should mention all that... go read chapter three! Certain answers await you there. ;)

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One thing, though: instead of "exasperating the problem", I think you meant "exacerbating the problem".

I definitely did! Thank you! I've changed it!

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I've been waiting too, and I've found a couple, but I felt the need to write one myself too! Hope you continue to like it!

Oh, man! O_O All those weird double-image/false memory moments were just brilliantly done! I'd be freaked out by that, too.


Yay, I'm glad that came across! I wanted to convey how really STRANGE it would be, and how utterly threatening. Like discovering you have a mental illness you didn't want to talk to anyone about and couldn't explain. Wouldn't that be like the height of inner panic?

This is tremendous. I'm so excited that chaptered reboot fics have started turning up, and this is certainly one of the best. Fantastic characterization.

And I have to say, you're my favorite author in the Batman fandom, and it's so great to see you involved in the wonder that is the rejuvenated Star Trek. :D

Wow, thank you! I will pop back over to Batman, I'm sure, when my obsession dies a little over here, but I doubt it will ever disappear. These guys are just so... arg! *flails*

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There's a bit more to read now! And I will add a chapter every couple days. The story is technically finished, it's all in the editing now. Cheers!


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