Moving Fanworks

This is an old journal, and an old place for stories, but nonetheless! :-)  Since Livejournal has basically gone the way of the dodo, just wanted to leave a note that I am re-posting my fanwork old and new to AO3 under Keshka/Ragdoll, so here's a link for anyone wondering:
Archive of Our Own

And on a general note, it's been a while since I last dipped into fandom, but I've always truly appreciated everyone here, and I do like to poke my head out of the sand now and again.  So thanks to everyone for reading and commenting and just generally being awesome in our small corner of the internet - you guys are amazing!


Time Immemorial - 1/3

Title: Time Immemorial
Author: Ragdoll
Pairing: Kirk/Spock slash
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine, more's the pity.
Word Count: ~25,000

Summary: Sometimes it's not what you remember, but what you forget.  At the turn of a New Year, Jim is struck with amnesia after what should have been a simple diplomatic mission.  And with the help of a few reluctant co-conspirators, he struggles to piece together the clues of the past so he can embrace the future. Written for the 2015 K/S Advent.

Cross-posted to the K/S Archive.

A/N: Thank you to Amanda Warrington for agreeing to beta this at the last moment (and I mean literally; I basically asked her the day it was due to be posted).  She's a miracle worker!

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Speaking of Long Absences...

As I look back on this journal, I realize it's quite literally been years since my last post... :-) And I think in general much of the fandom world has moved past livejournal and into new forums for sharing stories and ideas.  So I post this now only to say:


I've never attended a fan Con before, and I had a whole ton of shyness attending this one.  That quickly vanished, however, because there were amazing, thoughtful, creative and insanely welcoming people attending right alongside me.  I'm so glad to be part of fandom (even if I've been a serious lurker since I crawled back into my shell 2 years ago), and for the first time in my life I was able to share that in person with others who enjoyed it as much as I do.  I hardly know what to say, except that it was an incredible experience I would encourage anyone I know to have.

Go forth, fandom, and continue to amaze!  I hope to become a renewed member of it!  Once more into the breach, old friends... :-)

I am Sherlock-ed!

Wow. I think S2 of Sherlock broke me (in the best way possible) and now I can't decide whether to stage a rebellion and demand S3 return today/tomorrow/yesterday, or whether I should fear the other ways in which this show can stomp on my tender little heart!

Are you serious, show, I have to wait 12-18 months before I get to see the resolution to this?!

I guess this is why the universe created fanfiction.



Here's a late Merry Christmas and an early Happy New Year to everyone out there enjoying the lovely world of online fandom!

I hope everyone enjoyed 2011 - I did, though I think I went crazy 4 (perhaps 5) times this year just trying to keep up with all the bat-shit-busyness. :-) I'm sure 2012 will bring new tidings for all - or the end of the world. Who can say?!



A bit of exciting news for me!  It seems two of my Star Trek stories have been nominated in the bi-yearly multi-fandom award community:  No Rest For The Wicked

Needlesss to say I was pretty floored to get a notification message of my nominations (and pleased a PUNCH, let me tell you!!), and because the nominations are anonymous I unfortunately have no one to thank and gush all over... So!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank EVERYONE who bothers to read my sporadic (and usually absent-minded) posts and stories!  You guys are all fantastic and are basically the reason I keep writing!!  Sometimes I wish I wrote more just so I could bask in how awesome you guys are for commenting and enjoying the stories.  Thanks to everyone who's made my fanfic writing experience amazing over the past three years and for all the neat friends and connections I've made in that time and plan to keep!

(And a special, special thank you to whomsoever nominated me - and anyone else who has recced me, mentioned me to others, or is just otherwise amazing for thinking of me even one second longer than they have to!)  Thank you!

I hope you're all enjoying our summer as it comes to an end!