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ragdoll987's Journal

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  • ragdoll987@livejournal.com
Friending policy: anyone can friend me; please, feel free! To be honest I find it flattering that people even want to! As a side note, please don't be offended if I fail to friend back; I often disappear from livejournal for weeks or even months at a time and forget that I even have an LJ bio, let alone that I should maybe go in there and change some things around...

My initial reason for creating this journal was to have some medium in which to post my fics, and to comment about other fics... I only started writing fics at the end of 2008, so it's been a bit of a long haul. Online slash fandom is huge, overwhelmingly so, but I'm making a tiny dent in my corner of it, and it's been loads of fun so far. :)

Oh, and I sometimes forget to add a disclaimer or correct rating to my entries, so if you're under the age of maturity in your country, give my stories a wide berth. They often contain subject matter that isn't suitable for any young'ins!

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